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To You by American Greetings

I want to make my life more generous and personal, part of that is being thoughtful about people. My tradition has always been gift giving. It doesn’t have to be a significant gift; it could be just an acknowledgment that I’m thinking about someone.
The way technology works today with personal user experience could be connected into one app, that helps me see in my inner circle and my secondary circle of friends what special moments are. Whether it is a birthday, an anniversary, baby shower or graduation, I will know ahead of time what kind of gift I can make, or even if I say hello in a timely way that shows me thinking about them.
If I decide to send a gift, I will have enough information of what they are interested in, so I will be more accurate in that because I have no extra time nor money to waste on giving someone a gift that they are no going to love.
Sometimes I can come up with an option that I cannot afford, and in this case, I can use my circle of friends helping me to split the cost of a valuable but very needed gift.
This app will help everyone to be more thoughtful and generous with each other with the help of contemporary technology.


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