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Here are my other graphic design projects from the past


A poster for iconic old movie “Sabrina” by Billy Wilder in 1954

The key art for the Sabrina movie poster was based on several points: Sabrina’s experience at French culinary school, her romantic thoughts to the moon and the idea of the rebirth of her personality and transformation into sophisticated lady after living in France.


A Book cover for The personal story

What if the book was written about something that nobody knows about me? The images must represent that secret in allegoric way, so no one will guess what was my secret, but only people who knows what its all about.


A Poster of Stereotypes

How to show the image of California hipster without showing any person? Make one list of the words that associate with “California” and another list with “hipster” associations, then combine one word from the first list with one word from the second list and make an image that represent these two words. I chose “palm”+”mustache” and used colored Play-Doh, macro-photography and inkjet printer.


Design 1 Process Book

Bruce Claypool’s class, Design 1, required a process book on color theory and basics of composition. The book style must represent the student personality. As a Russian my choice was to hand paint number 1 Khokhloma style and Helvetica D for “design”. The binding was done in Coptic Stitch style.

PFD of the book

лого на конкурс.jpg

A Logo for Public Vegan Group

As One - the name of a group of vegan lifestyle enthusiasts, who decided than they need a brand. A rabbit is a symbol of veganism shown as a palm with two fingers in “victory” sign. The colors are “earth and organic”.