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Rose Bowl Flea Market


Rose Bowl Flea Market, located in Pasadena, CA, is one of the largest in the world currently doesn’t have a brand identity. The idea of this project is to create a brand that will reflect an endless variety of treasures that can be found during every visit, that is unpredictable, random, and different every time.

The huge market needs an excellent navigation system. Although it has free maps for every visitor, to find a particular vendor with desired types of goods might be challenging. A contemporary way to solve this problem is to make an interactive map in the app, that will allow finding the way by searching through boosts numbers. Buying tickets are also easy to do in the app.


The flea market works every second Sunday of every month, vintage treasure hunters and bargain seekers flock to the legendary venue, that has over 45 years of continued success experience with over 2,500 vendors full of antiques, vintage clothing, local art, and specialty products.


The elements of randomness in the style address unexpectedness of items assortment for each new visit to the market. You never know what you find there, it is an endless kaleidoscope of vintage and new things.

The colors meanings are: turquoise - vintage, orange is a California sunshine, rose is Pasadena’s flowers.

Brand Identity presentation

Brand Identity presentation