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To You by American Greeting


To You ® by American Greetings ® is a social media platform that is your gift advisor for the people you care. With the help of other social media experiences such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. it makes customized greetings and gifts suggestions for people from your contacts. It is about remembering, being personal, gift-giving in a meaningful way.


There many ways to make a gift or send or send a few warming words to someone you care.

1. Using To You system for finding the best gift within your preferred budget.The gift can be a thing or an experience.

2. If the best gift is out of your budget, you can create a pool of friends that will chip into one valuable present.

3. Make a personalized card through the app; the system will print it and send by USPS mail as a traditional handwritten letter.


This video is a story about two girls grown up together but moved to different places; later, they keep in touch, but sending gifts that are needed sometimes is challenging. With To You app they can easily find the best present to each other for any occasion and budget.


The website helps customers to manage their profiles, notification preferences and contact list, as well as gives new ideas and trends on gifting. The archive of gifts that were sent prevents from confusion and sending the same thing to the same recipient.